Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First Aid is important in electronics because you learn all about keeping away from electricity because it is very dangerous. We learned about first aid in scouts and we learned not to play with
electricity because if you play with electricity you get electrocuted. Even though some electric shocks are not so serious that they could
kill you, you still do not play with electricity. Again if there
is some one else who has been electrocuted then just call the
ambulance, don't just help him yourself. I expect you know
that to call the ambulance you dial 999.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Electronics is very interesting, we've also gone to see Wallis and Gromit
in the cinema and it's all about this electrician and inventor. He's marvelous at thinking
about things and also I have 3 friends that like electronics too. And that have
seen my blogspot and they really really like it. They sent me emails,
and one of them Mark sent me about 3 emails you can send emails as well and you
will find my email address. The course of the ware rabbit is very funny, Wallis tries to stop rabbits eating vegetables, but accidently turns himself into a vegetable destroyong ware rabbit.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Electronics is one of the most interesting parts of physics; electronics is mainly about energy and forces.
I have 30 different electronics projects all in one kit. I love electronics. I have 3 favourite sciences, electronics, human body and nature.
If you want to find out any information about electronics you can go to maplins
and buy some electronic kits. After all I'll show you more about electronics then. My email
address is and my name is Alex Lowery