Monday, December 21, 2009

I notice lately that a lot of films are becoming 3D. Two days ago we went to the Cinema to see 'A Christmas Carol', and that was '3D', but I also notice that a lot of other films are becoming '3D'. Ben and Nomi also went to see 'Avatar', which was also 3D, and Tim Burton has Created a new film of 'Alice in wonderland' which is also going to be 3D, Toy story 2 is coming out again, but in 3D, and also 'Toy Story 3' is also coming out in 3D; I hope that the next Narnia film (which will be 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader') will come out on 3D. I think soon all the films will come out in 3D, I think that could be the latest stile of film.
First we didn't have any films, them we had black and white films without sound, them black and white films with sound, them low quality colour films, them average quality colour films, them really high quality films with really good graphics, and Special Effects. And now we have '3D'. I think that is going to be the latest quality. When we went to see 'A Christmas Carol' we got given these 3D glasses, but we took our 3D glasses with us because soon we might be buying quite a few 3D films because they are all turning 3D. I certainly think that 3D is absolutely 'fantastic', it made 'A Christmas Carol' quite scary in scenes. Thanks for reading, I'd love some feed back. Please.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've also done lots of other work on PhotoPlus which you can see bellow this post. I'll talk to you showing how I did them all.

This first Image is an Image of myself and a clone of me, what I did was I had two images of myself and I copied one Image onto the other Image and them erased the background, and behold I got this picture.

It took me a while to figure out how to copy one Image onto another Image, which is what I did on the clone picture. I was trying to figure out how to do that, but I used the wrong tool, and figured out another effect, and that effect was quite similar, it was were you got one Image onto another, but in a different way; It made the Image look quite sort of cartoony. The Image bellow is the Image that I got.

This final Image was done the same way that the clone one was done; I just got an Image of me hiking and put it onto a image of the beach, and this is what I got.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sorry I haven't quite finished my essay posts yet! I know I said I said I had finished the series of posts on 'Photography', but There is something about Photography which I think I should put on here. About two weeks ago I finished the Photography coarse: But while we were at 'the Photography coarse' we learn how to edit Photos using 'a Photo editing program', I learn t how to make blared Photos clearer, and how to get one Image onto another Image: For Instance; just supposing I wanted to get a sheep that's in one Image onto another Image; this coarse told me how to do it........ Anyway as part of our homework we had to get three images and edit them and get three other Images and take a bit of the Image out and put it onto another Image. The Images that I did are bellow. I've also made some other ones which I will Upload sooner or latter.

These are the first three Photos that I have edited.

These three Photos that have been edited are the ones which I have just Sharped and brightened up a bit.

I wrote 'Gluten Free Cook Book' on the first edited Image because I also plan to use it for my Gluten Free Cook Book which I made.