Thursday, October 07, 2010

I found out something interesting - I'm Happy to hear that it looks as if after 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader', they are planning to make another Narnia film. But they don't know weather they are going to make 'The Silver Chair' or 'The Magicians Nephew'. So they have left it to the fans of Narnia to decide. The Silver Chair seems to get the most votes, and I definitely agree that 'The Silver Chair' is the best choice because they'll need to use the boy who played Eustace for 'The Silver Chair' while he's still young otherwise he'll grow up to fast; and I think it would be better if they continue with 'The Silver Chair' next anyway. But all the same - I am very pleased that they are planning to make 'The Magicians Nephew'. I was a bit worried that they wouldn't make that but it looks as if I was wrong. I very much hope they make 'The Horse and His Boy' and 'The Last Battle'. The Last Battle especially because that's the end result of Narnia and won't feel complete without it. I would say that if their going to leave any out I'd go for 'The Horse and His Boy' because that doesn't seem a very important one to have in it. However, I still hope they do make it! I hope they make them all, but 'The Horse and His Boy is my favourite one even though that's one I'd leave out. Please post a comment on views on this - I want to hear what 'you' have to say about it.
Thanks for reading.