Friday, May 29, 2009

Some of you might of alredy knowen that I was planing to make a film called Patrick the Big Bad creepy Monster. I had some trouble making it becuise the softwere we were useing wasn't really good enough. I had almost lost hope but I found some videos on you tube that were made on another softwere. I started to get really exited and almost at once looked it up on the Internet, I found it and it was free, it was just on the Internet.You can choose your own charicters and your own settings, even your own acsent on your charicter but that is not all. You can tipe up what you want your charicter to say and it will say it. I have to worn you there may be a few things in this film which you dont understand so just ask me. I have to worn you when the charicters dance it means they are waliking. At the end they danced but they were ment to be fighting. Plese post a comment if you've watched these and tell me what you think of them. If your intrested in the Animation that I did look up the website for>

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As I told you in my last post I can't tell you the story of Lord of the Rings because it would be to long but I decided instead I would give you a trailer of each film. Please watch, I tried to find a video of The Hobbit Oswell but I can't find one.This is the trailer of the Fellowship of the RingThis is the Two Towers tralerThis is the trayler of the Return of the King

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello sorry I know I said I was going to tell you the story of The Lord of the Rings but I just can't be beavered. It would be to long and far to tiring for me to write down. If you would like to know a bit of the story them you will have to post a comment. Anyway I thought instead I would do a post on the future film of The Hobbit. The Hobbit as I'm sure you know is the one before The Lord of The Rings. It is hopefully going to be released in 2012 but there is a trailer on utube that sais it could be released in December 2009 but I seriously doubt it will. It is going to be directed by Peter Jackson, the same person who directed The Lord of the Rings which makes me feel good because it makes me feel like it is part of Lord of the Rings. My favourite character in Lord of the Rings is Golom and I'm happy to say he's going to be the same actor who plays Golom in the Hobbit and I think Gandol is going to be the same actor Oswell, but I think Bilbo is going to be a different actor from the person who played him in Lord of the Rings. There's a video on utube that sais that James Macirub might be acting as Bilbo in the Hobbit, he is the same person who played Mr Tumus in Narnia but I personal think it should be the same actor in the Hobbit because Bilbo had the ring for all that time so he wouldn't of looked any different. Please post a comment on what you think of this.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello again. My sisters Alice and Esther have recently got really into The Lord of the Rings and Lord of the Rings is my favourite film so I thought I should do a series of posts on Lord of the Rings. I have got the audio books of The Lord of the Rings so first I think I shall tell you about how I got the audio books. My Dad has the audio books of Lord of the Rings on tape and they are very precious to him. I had got the Narnia audio books in Christmas of 2005 and my Dad listened to them and he heard that they were dramatised by Brian Sibly and he said "Oh there dramatised by the same person who dramitised The Lord of the Rings, maybe I should let you listen to that". Daddy did let me listen to the Lord of the Rings and I really enjoyed them. As you might know the Lord of the Rings is in three parts which were all made into films but these audio books were in thirteen parts and they all had different names, each tape was one episode. Anyway I finished them and I told everyone that I really enjoyed them, I thought they were much better than the Narnia audio books. A year or two years later it was heading up to my fourteenth birthday and Mummy showed me these audio books on the Internet, they were A Series of Unfortunate Events If you want to hear about them you will have to read my earlier posts. Anyway me and my mum were in the car one day and we were talking about my birthday coming up and I said how much I enjoyed those Lord of the Rings audio books that Daddy lent me and she said she might try and get them for me but she also said they might be a bit expensive. Anyway mum told my Dad about me really liking Lord of the Rings and as soon as he heard he went on the Internet looking for them. He Finlay found a tin of them, they looked like the picture you can see up above. Mummy and Daddy had all ready ordered me the audio books of A Series of Unfortunate Events so they told my Nanny about them so she got them for my birthday. When I say get them she didn't archly go on the website and order them, Mummy ordered them and Nanny gave Mummy the money for them. When they came through the post I realised that they were not in thirteen episodes but three. They had become like the films. I listened to them before I even started A Series of Unfortunate Events I once again I really enjoyed them. When I finished Lord of the Rings I listened to A Series of Unfortunate Events and I enjoyed them even more. In my Lord of the Rings they added some bits in from when they made Daddy's one's. Thanks for reading, this is going to be a series of posts about Lord of the Rings. On my next post I will tell you a bit of the story. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

You might of found out allot of stuff which I'm interested in on my blog but I think you might find more interesting things on my you tube page. In fact this is why I haven't been posting on my blog lately because Ive been doing other things.