Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I. Baudelaires

A. Violot

1. An Inventer

B. Klaus

1. A Book worm

C. Sunny

1. a baby that bites things all the time

II. Count Olaf

A. disguises

1. Scientist

2. See Captain

3. Receptionist

4. Jim Teacher

5. In Auctioneer

6. Detective

7. Head of human resources

8. Kit Snicket

B. Associates

1. The hook handed man

2. The bald man with the long nose

3. The enormous creature that looked neither like a man nor a woman

4. The powder faced woman


A. What is VFD

1. Volunteer fire Department.

The truith is that we dont rely know for sure what VFD is. We think that VFD was once an organisation which stood for Volunteer Fire Department. VFD were people who put out fires when they were set but many years aftar there was a skisim. Some of the members turned evil so you couldn't tell who was good and who was bad. At one side of VFD were the one's who started the fires and the other side were people who put them out. You yosed to be able to tell people were part of VFD by there tattos but now you can never tell. Count Olaf was a member of VFD but he joined the bad side. I hath to warn you Count Olaf isn't the only enemy. There are people who are ekruly wicked or even worse. People like the man with the beard and no hair and the woman with hair and no beard which the Baudelaires met in the mountains.

IV. The Author

A. His name is Lemony Snicket

B. Snicket and his family

Lemony Snicket has one brother who's name is Jack and one sister who's name is Kit. Kit did get to meet the Baudelaires and she did get to know them. Jack met them for a little wile. The Snickets were members of an organisation known as VFD which meant they had a tattoo on there ankle like Count Olaf. Count Olaf was a member of VFD but he quitted with the skisim. Count Olaf tricked the Baudelaire home by pretending Jack Snicket was him but the Baudelaires new it wasn't Count Olaf but no one would listen to them. Count Olaf disguised him self as a detective and murdered Jack Snicket and pretended it was the Baudelaires. Lemony Snicket had dedicated his life to the Baudelaires but it is not recorded that he met the Baudelaires although it is possible that a mystery man in book 12 who tried to get the Baudelaires to go with him was lemony Snicket because Lemony Snicket said he new all about the taxi man.

C. He is actually a character that existed in the book who never appeared in the book

D. Meeting the Baudelaires

Lemony Snicket had dedicated his life to the Baudelaires but it is not recorded that he met the Baudelaires although it is possible that a mystery man in book 12 who tried to get the Baudelaires to go with him was lemony Snicket because Lemony Snicket said he new all about the taxi man.

Friday, April 17, 2009

On my last post I told you the story of how I got how to cheat a dragons curse and today I am going to tell you the story of how to cheat a dragons curse, I could tell you the story about all the other Hiccup books but I won't, not in this post anyway becuse it would be to long. Anyway I'm now going to tell you a bit of the story. One day Hiccup and his freind Fishlegs went out on a voyage and I can't remember what the voyage was about but they met all kinds of mystiryas people like a man called Nurbet the Nuchob who had been trying to kill them. Hiccup had throwen something in the middle of a part of Nurbet's body which made Norbet very angry. Hiccup tried very hard to run away from Norbet the Nuchob. Meanwile they came acros an enormas vorpent and they were trying hard to run away from this vorpent. Finaly they got back to the ship. If you buy this story on book or even audio book you might realise that this first bit of the story may not be exact but this first part is importent so I had to say it. Anyway qiute a bit aftar Hiccup noticed that there was something not qiute write with Fishlegs. He kept saying rude stuff to people and acting dum. Hiccup started to think Fishlegs was terribly ill. He spoke to his father who was the cheif of the hairy huligan tribe and his father said he was also wooried about Fishlegs which Hiccup thought was very unuseirel for his father who's name was Stuit to be wooried about anything. His father just said Fishlegs was a total weardo and told his son to keep away from him but Hiccup said "but father he's my best freind" Stuit replyed "keep away from him my boy. "Why don't you make freinds with Snotlout? Snotlout was a nasty boy who hated Hiccup. Stuit said to Hiccup "when I'm dead I want you to become the next cheif of the hairy huligan tribe so I can't let you going around making freinds with little weardos like Fishlegs so stay away from him. Hiccup was still sure there was something not write with Fishlegs so he spoke to an old man knowen as Old Rinkely about it. He took Fishlegs with him. Old Rinkaly was a person who maid people well when they were sick. Hiccup walked in and said "is there something wrong with Fishlegs? "he seems to not be him self latley" Fishlegs said "I'm fine, its just a cold". Hiccup ignored him and let Old Rinkaly take a look at him. Qiute a bit aftar Old Rinkaly said "Hiccup your Fishlegs has Vorpentitis" Hiccup looked shoked and Fishlegs said "I'm fine its just a cold" Hiccup ignored him saying "how do I cure him? Old Rinkaly replyed "the only way to cure Fishlegs is by the vegetible that no one dare's name. "The potato said Hiccup. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh said Old Rinkaly "your not seposed to say the vegitible that no one dare's name." Hiccup replyed "there's no such thing as the potato. Old Rinkaly replyed "There might be. "There have been people who say that there are some vegetibles that no one dare's name in a far away land knowen as America". Hiccup said "Even if there is such a place as America it is to far away and you told me that Fishlegs only had a few hours to live". Yes Old Rinkaly repled "but it is posible that Norbet the Nuchob may have a vegitible that no one dare's name. "Norbets father bileived that the world was not flat but round so he went out to prove it and he brought back a frozen vegitible that no one dare's name said Old Rinkaly". This is only a blog post so I'm not giving you all the details of the book becuse it would be to long and to tiaring for me to right down so I will just skip all this talking betwwen Hiccup and Old rinkaly and say what happend next. Hiccup went to tell his father about the posibility. He said to his father "father could we go on a qest". Stuit looked puziled saying "what kind of qest? Hiccup said Fishlegs has vorpentitise and the only medicine that can cure him is the potato" "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh said Stuit. "Your not seposed to name the vegitible that no one dare's name" "were not going to go on a qest for something that dosn't exist just to save a little weardo said Stuit. Hiccup replyed "It might exist, Old Rinkaly said that Norbet the Nucheb might of stolen a potato from a far away land knowen as America". Stuit replyed "There is no way I am letting you go to see Norbet the Nucheb to save a little weardo". Hiccup wasn't giving up on Fishlegs so he took a freind of his with him and he hook his dragon who's name was Tuithless with him and also took another dragon who's name was 1eye. I am not giving you all the details of this story becuis it would be to long so I will just say what happend when they got to Norbet the Nucheb. When they got there Hiccup tried to ask for the potato but Norbet wouldn't give it to him. He only sent Hiccup in prison. I am not going to tell you how Hiccup eskaped. If you want to know that you will hath to ask me in a comment or even better read it your self. When Hiccup eskaped he saw the frozen potato with an arow stook in it so he tried to get it out but it was so hard. Sudenly he saw Norbet the Nucheb chasing aftar him. As I told you Hiccup brought a freind with him, it was a girl named Camacarsy. She told Hiccup to leave wile she fought with Norbet. Hiccup didn't want to leave Camacarsy but he new she was a better fighter than him. Camacarsy was winning anyway. Norbet kept hathing to duck so he wouldn't get killed by this grate fighter. I can't qiute remember how this battle ended but if you want to know them plerse just leave a comment and I'm sure I could find out for you. Anyway some how Hiccup managed to pull thye potato with the arow in it out of the stone which it was in. I shall now just skip over to the end. If you want to know what happend in the middle them just leave a comment and if I can I shall tell you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

For Easter this year I got another audio CD which is called How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse by Hiccup Horrendous Haducc III. The story is about Hiccup Horrendous Haducc III. There is a series of books about Hiccup Horrendous Huducc III. Books like how to speak Dragonese, How to train your dragon, how to be a pyrite and how to twist a dragons tail. I'm not exactly sure which order they go in but all of these books are about Hiccup Horrendous Haducc III. I had listened to some of these audio Cd's because I am a member of the listening books company which means I get quite a lot of Cd's cooming all the time. As soon as I send one back they send one to me. One of the first Cd's I got from them was how to speak dragonese. Shortly after I got loads of other books by Hiccup Horrendous Haducc III and I shall now shorten his name to Hiccup. The one audio book I didn't get about Hiccup was how to cheat a dragons curse. We went to borders the other day and we started looking at all the books and audio books and I found all the Hiccup Cd's, There was how to speak dragonese, how to be a pyrite and how to train your dragon. I went looking through all the Hiccup Cd's and finally I saw a Hiccup CD that I hadn't heard called how to treat a dragons curse. I will tell you all about the story of how to treat a dragons curse on my next post.

Friday, April 03, 2009

This is a play of littile red ridding hud. We made it and it was very funny.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sorry I haven't blogged for quit a bit. My mind has been on other things. I thought I would post on the Chinese Banquet we had. We eat Chinese food and dressed up as Chinese people. I was the Chinese emperor , Esther was Mulan from the film Mulan, Alice was Khan from the film Mulan, Mummy was just a Chinese person and Anette was Gladys Alward. We had sweet and sour to eat. We also had crispy duck and light cheese