Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello again! This might be my final post on Photography! Yesterday it was my sixteenth birthday and one of the presents I got was a new tripod for my Camera, it was quite a strong tripod to. Its going to be far better now to do animations, and take Photos of the moon and stuff..............Anyway I told you on my previews post I would do a post on the type of camera that I have. The type of camera that I have is a 'Nikon D60'. It coasted a lot of money, but it was certainly worth it. As you might of seen on my other blog, { I have token very high quality Photos with this camera }. We went to greenfield yesterday to take pictures with my new tripod and we have token some quite nice Photos with it (I'll Upload them to my other blog soon)........ Anyway below is a picture of what my new camera looks like. Do you think it looks nice?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I've learn t many things with doing this cause, I've learn t that you can change the Camera quality to take a photo. I've started learning stuff like how to edit Photos on the computer using Photo Shop (a software which you can edit Photos and make them more colorful). You can have a ferly blared Photo and change it to a really well colored Photo and you wouldn't even notice its colored in, it is quite remarkably. We haven't got Photo shop. We've got Picasa, but its not the same as Photo shop, but you can brighten the pictures up a bit. You can also make one object clear but make the rest blared. I think that will do for now. On my next post hopefully I'll be talking about the type of Camera that I have.