Saturday, March 21, 2009

A few days ago We went to see a football match. Not one that was on the TV but just a local one by were we live. It was in holywell. Holywell were playing against Llanberis. Holywell won thankfully. I brought the camera with me and took quit a few pictures. You might be thinking if I took pictures why did I only load this one picture on to my blog. It is not rely even a very good picture. I tried to load the pictures on but for some reason only this one loaded up so that is why I only loaded this poor one on.

One of the best things I am good at is bathroom cleaning. Here is the bathroom that I cleaned isn't it genius?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Some of you might of read on my earlier posts that I am very interested in Animation. You might of read in my earlier posts that I was planing to make a long feature film but I haven't got round to it. However on the web cam that we were planing to yose for the film I recently found some special animation video affects. All these videos you can see are all my voice and my eyes and my mouth exept for the lion one which Alice made.

Monday, March 09, 2009

As you might of read on my profile we go to school at home which means we have are lessons at home. Lately in are History we have been doing about Queen Esther. It said in are History book for the girls who are listening to dress up as queen Esther and we thought seeming how it was heading up towards Proum we would celebrate it so we all dressed up as people in those days.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

For today's post I thought I would talk to you a bit about the new book that my sister has made. It is could The Mystery of the Monkey Palace For all ages. Esther found this program that you could write books and she wrote this book and we found a website that publishes books that people write. Believe it or not Esther is actually in the story and so am I and so is my Dad but in the story we are not brothers and sisters and John who is my Dad is not are Dad in the book. In the book Esther is one of the most exited people who ever went to the zoo. In the story Esther's father who is not the same person as are real father Esther's father in the book is a zookeeper in charge at the monkey house. In the story Esther helped at the monkey place, as it was more properly called, and her father said she could, help look after the new Peach-speckled monkey as soon as it's space ship arrived. I won't tell you any more of that part of this story because I don't want to spoil the story but I will tell you about who I was in the story and who my Dad was in the story. In Esther's story are real Dad is named the mayor, John March, a large, loud, dark-haired man who liked to grab his stomach when he laughed. Mayor March was best known for helping poor people, which everyone agreed was one of the most remarkable things ever to happen in Manhattan. Now I will tell you who I am in the story. Unfortunately Esther made me a spoilt brat who is only the same age as Esther but I am not the same age as Esther I am five years older than Esther. Esther has said in here book that All I could do was keep sniffling. Esther could still see tears coming down my cheeks. I don't mind Esther putting me as a spoilt brat or putting me the same age as Esther. I'm just happy she put me in it. Soon I will get one of my story's published and I will tell you about that on my blog. If you want to find the website that published Esther's book click here.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Yesterday we went to church and I had this terrible cold. I was sneezing and itching and people were looking at me. I came home and eat this delicious meal of sausage casserole and the sausages were tesco’s finest but they were full of fat, there was fat pouring out of them. When we had finished our dinner we were going to Sunday School and I got some money out of a money box and my brother Ben, Alice and Esther were calling me to come and it took a few minutes for me to do what they wanted but I finally came and got in the car and drove to church.