Monday, February 28, 2011

I found out something quite interesting about the next Narnia film! I think a few months ago I did a post about the Narnia creators being unsure weather they were going to make 'The Silver Chair' next or 'The Magicians Nethew' and they were going to leave it to the fans to decide. To me it appeard that 'the Silver Chair' got more votes but according to NarniaWeb there are more people who voted for the Magicians Nethew. I'm very proud that they are making 'The Magicians Nethew' (for I was a bit worried they wouldn't get to make that one). But personally I still think 'The Silver Chair' would be a better one to do next: for one thing Will Poulter (Who Played Eustace)will be groing up to fast & they should do 'The Silver Chair' while he's still young. Another reason is because it just doesn't seem right for 'The Magicians Nethew' to be before 'The Silver Chair' when all the other films havew gone in the order like this. But I am looking farward to 'The Magicians Nethew' coming out & I hope they choose a good person for Uncle Andrew; I've always pictured Christopher Lee as Uncle Andrew, but I'm sure there's plenty of good choices. I just hope that when they come to make 'The Silver Chair' that they choose a good enough person for Puddleglum, because if they don't then it could be terrible, but if they do it could make the film brilliant & as funny. I also hear that they've finally started making the Hobbit. They've been talking about making it ever sinse 2005, but they've finally started & the release date is the 19th of December 2012. Here's a link for more help - Also, if you've got any views on the then please, please, please leave a comment :)

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